Jasmine needed a very specific kind of stove, the kind that has knobs on the front.

You see, Jasmine has cerebral palsy and is wheelchair bound. She was using a hot plate and a microwave to cook, but wanted to be able to cook full meals again. She reached out to Love In the Name of Christ to request a stove.

Unfortunately, when Jasmine called, there was a waiting list for stoves. We called on the God who delights to provide. When He answered the prayer, He not only provided stoves for all the clients that were waiting for one, He also provided exactly what Jasmine needed. A stove with knobs in the front, so she could easily reach them.

Because of YOUR faithfulness to share what you have, Jasmine and the other clients received the needed stoves. It is always encouraging to see God show up with what clients need, especially these types of specific needs.

Thank you for all you do to show Love In the Name of Christ to your community!