Baby Journey

When Marie told the staff of Journey INC she was pregnant, she was about four months along.

She had been attending classes for a few months, and was noticeably withdrawn. It was clear she was carrying a heavy burden, but it wasn’t clear what that burden was. She worked long hours, tending to the needs of her family. She was trying hard to provide the best possible life for them.

Marie had five children, and was now pregnant with her sixth. The baby’s father was no longer a part of her life. Her youngest child was past the infant stage, so she had no baby equipment with which to welcome this new life. Marie was full of uncertainty.

In the midst of the uncertainty God showed up the way He often does, big and generous. He met her needs and surrounded her with support. Using the relationships that had been cultivated within the Journey INC program, Marie’s classmates put together a beautiful baby shower. She and the baby received a crib, stroller, clothing, diapers, wipes, and other items she would need. This shower was instrumental in providing for her physical needs. However, the power of seeing this group of people who actually cared about her and her family’s well being was a huge encouragement to them.

As the time grew near for her little girl to arrive, she needed a name. She decided on using the same name as the program where she was beginning to find true friendship and true life change – Journey. Baby Journey arrived whole and healthy at the end of January. As Marie said in the hospital, “Prayer works.”

She is eager to put her family together, to return to work, and to get back to class to rejoin the community she found there. God is not done with her story – and her Journey has just begun.

YOU made this possible. Your partnership with Love INC ensures that Journey INC is able to make the space that was needed for these relationships to form. Thanks to you, Marie and her children – including baby Journey – feel connected, loved and valued. Thank you for investing at Love INC to show Love in the Name of Christ to your neighbors.