Lanie’s mental capacity causes her to be extremely vulnerable.

You see, she is in her fifties but has the mental capacity of a thirteen year old.

As you can imagine, she has been taken advantage of. About seven years ago, Lanie had some people living with her that had control of her money and were stealing from her. She reached out to a friend, and this friend helped her get the people out of her home and her life. Lanie moved in with her friend for a time.

After a while, Lanie moved into a travel trailer on her friend’s property. This way she could start to live independently, and still be close to her friend for support. Eventually, Lanie wanted to move back into her home. Unfortunately, during her time away, her home had fallen into disrepair.

Lanie has siblings but they could not provide all the help she needed to get the home into a livable state. One of her siblings lives in Alaska and knew about a Love In the Name of Christ affiliate local to her. As her siblings were contacting organizations to see what kind of support they could get for Lanie, they reached out to us.

Clearinghouse Volunteers spoke to Lanie, her siblings, and her friend that has been caring for her. It was decided that two volunteers would visit Lanie at her home to meet her and see what work needed to be done around the house. These two volunteers are a married couple. They instantly felt a connection to Lanie and became friends with her. The husband was able to do most of the repairs on the house. While he worked, the wife would sit and talk to Lanie and keep her company. There is a deep bond between them all.

YOUR investment in Love INC makes it possible for Lanie to have a safer home, and most importantly, the bond with two loving people. These volunteers have formed a lasting relationship with her and take her to church each week.

The heart of Love INC is relationships. By getting to know more about Lanie than her current crisis, a relationship was able to develop that allows her to be cared for holistically. Lanie’s mental condition cannot be improved, but she can be lavishly loved by the volunteers that have become a part of her life. This kind of life transformation is beautiful and inspiring. And it’s because of you. Because you believe in the mission of Love INC and give of your resources to see it happen.

Thank you for all you do to show Love In the Name of Christ to your community!