When Lola first reached out in 2014, Christmas was coming, money was tight, and she had no means of getting gifts for her children. She heard about Christmas Blessings and called to apply. Because you delight in helping parents provide Christmas for their families, Lola was able to make Christmas magical for her kids that year. The next year, she reached out again to ask for help with Christmas. This time she also requested a refrigerator.

When Site Visit Volunteers visited her home, they found Lola needed a new lawn mower in addition to the refrigerator. She also had a rat problem. Your donations provided her with the lawn mower and a fridge. Once those necessities were provided, volunteers worked with her to get an exterminator to take care of the rats.

Over the last six years, Lola has become family. It has been a joy to see her material needs be met off and on through this time. She has received personal hygiene items at Faith Presbyterian Church’s Personal Care Ministry. Volunteers and donors at Lady Lake United Methodist Church’s Angel’s Touch Ministry have helped provide clothes for her children. Also, at Centsible Grocery she got much needed food items. As mentioned before, she participated in Christmas Blessings. Most importantly Lola has been loved by compassionate volunteers. She has been invested in relationally.

Last fall, Lola’s situation changed drastically. She went through the life-changing process of getting a divorce. She became a single mom of three kids. Lola learned about the new Life Skills Courses that were starting. She began attending classes every week. She got a job and is working hard to provide for her family. The job has given her a wonderful sense of value and she has experienced joy like never before. She is hoping to get a management position at work. Her life is transforming. All of this has been possible because of YOU!

Your involvement ensures that Lola will not only have her material needs met, but that she will have the chance to experience the transformation of her life. Join us in showing the love of Christ to those in need! You can invest by volunteering, donating or praying. Even a small monthly recurring gift of support or a few hours a week of your time will make a difference!


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