About Clothe-A-Kid

A relational program that provides families with a loving experience
as they shop for back to school clothes.

Being a parent is tough and sometimes making ends meet can be a challenge. Through the Clothe-A-Kid program, churches are helping parents stretch their clothing dollars. CAK not only helps children dress with confidence, but it also intentionally opens doors for long term connections with families.

Get Involved

July 24 + July 25
Kohl’s, The Villages


Volunteers are paired with a family to help them select the clothing and shoes (following school guidelines) needed. Volunteers also help track the spending of the family while showing the love of Christ to them. This program is only limited by the number of volunteers we have to shop with families.


Sponsors donate $100, (or any amount) & new client families will give $10 (securing their spot) per kid. Families actively participating in Journey INC use their program participation to secure their spot and shop with $200 per kid.